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Vietnamese startup makes its name in ai sector

(kbchn) In recent years, Australia has been rated as one of the best places in the world when it comes to job opportunities, with many sectors being encouraged, especially in artificial intelligence (AI). The country is, therefore, considered as a fertile land for the Vietnamese people to realize their dreams of starting a business in this field.

ANSCENTER is Sydney-based tech startup founded by Dr. Nguyen Tuan Nghia, a young man graduating from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

ANSCENTER specializes in providing AI-based solutions to simplify the design and implementation of machine learning and deep learning into different types of applications. It aims to help businesses design and apply AI to existing processes and applications, hoping to save costs, improve productivity and work efficiency.

Nguyen Tuan Nghia, ANSCenter CEO said that “After many years of studying and doing researching on AI, I’m well aware of the barriers to the application of AI to practice.” Therefore, ANSCENTER chooses to “stand on the shoulders of giants” like Google and Amazon. Instead of directly competing with the giants, the startup focuses on solving two difficult problems by offering two kits of products. Specifically, the first kit includes products for designing AI models without too much knowledge about programming structures and languages. The second kit helps integrate AI models into any application through libraries for other programming languages or to deploy the models right on the hardware devices of big brands such as Intel, Nvidia or Qualcomm.

ANSCENTER’s current products in the market include ANNHUB machine learning platform, DLHUB deep learning platform, ODHUB object detection software and AI-based cloud platform ANSCloud. In 2021, ANSCENTER introduced new products, including ANSAgent, an AI deployment support platform and ANSEdge Plugins, a platform supporting AI Edge deployment for DLHUB, ODHUB and ANSAgent.

After being launched, ANSCENTER’s technology products quickly affirmed their foothold in the market. The business has been selected as a technology supplier to companies operating in Australia and Southeast Asia as well as leading researchers at different universities.

Thanks to bold steps, ANSCENTER has gradually asserted its name as a Vietnamese technology startup in the international market, becoming a partner of many big brands, most recently ADVANTECH – which ranked fourth on the Best Global Taiwan Brands list in 2020. In November, the startup will participate in the discussion with the topic “Development of AI Camera systems to support traffic control in smart cities using edge infrastructure” at NVIDIA GTC - a leading AI event for developers, researchers, and tech trendsetters all over the world.

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