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L&C Building Design was founded in 2010 by Max Pham, a skillful civil engineer. In this era of fierce competition L & C Building Design provides effective design and engineering solutions to our Clients at very reasonable rates. Our company specializes in designing the residential and commercial buildings, warehouses, schools, churches, along with the houses and duplexes. L & C Building Design delivers over 3000 units annually.

Our priority is to provide the top notch services and design at very reasonable cost. Our main priority is to find the building solutions for our Clients that fit the requirements. We are very passionate about our work. We have some of the best and renowned engineers on board that have some of the astounding design solutions for your residential commercial building needs.

The happiness and the satisfaction of our Clients is what make us to work so passionately. The appreciation we get from our Clients is an inspiration that makes us work even harder to deliver quality results.

L & C building designs skilled in:

Footing and Foundations

  • Tanking raft slab under water table.
  • Raft slab on Sand, Loam
  • Raft slab on Screw piles, concrete piles etc.
  • Shallow & Deep foundations

Retaining walls

  • Brick/Block/Dincel Retaining wall
  • Contiguous shoring wall
  • Soldier shoring wall
  • CSM wall & diaphragm wall


  • Flat slabs on columns/blade walls
  • Flat slabs on load bearing walls such as dincel or redi wall
  • Post tensioning slabs
  • Band beam slabs
  • Waffle slabs


  • Concrete frame structures
  • Timber frame Structures
  • Steel frame Structures.

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