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Rights and obligations

  1. Be entitled to participate in activities and festivals organized by the Association
  2. Be entitled to discuss, vote and inquire all the activities of the Association.
  3. Be entitled to self-nominate or be nominated to the Executive Committee of the Association or take other positions of the Association.
  4. Be disseminated with the experience on production, business; receive information, document; participate in training courses, presentations and other exchange programs with enterprises under the Association.
  5. Be supported and introduced with domestic and overseas facilities and other associations to find business and cooperation opportunities.
  6. Be protected with the legal rights and interests in trading activities between Australia and Vietnam.
  7. Be entitled to leave the Association if finding impossible or not wanting to participate.
  8. Associated members and honor members are entitled to the same rights as official members, except for nomination, election and voting rights.
  1. Strictly comply with policies and law of Australia, Vietnam and other countries where the enterprise operates or does business.
  2. Comply with the Charter of the Association, implement the resolution of the Association, participate in activities of the Association, and cooperate with other members to build a strong Association.
  3. Disseminate and promote the slogan, purpose, charter, image and reputation of the Association; protect the honor and interests of the Association; exchange necessary information and data to serve the operation of the Association.
  4. Fully pay Association’s fee.

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